Friday, November 09, 2007

What green action did you take today?

A new project that tracks the "green actions" that I do (or do not do) each day, I hope to inspire greener lifestyles. It's not easy living sustainably but often, the littlest action matters. I'm no expert and I'm not perfect and I hope that by writing about my daily attempts at living conscientiously, I would be able to share some tips and the difficulties in living sustainably in Singapore.

Twitter / leafmonkey
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I've started a new twitter account called leafmonkey and it will mainly record the daily things I try to do. I am sure many things are little things which we do daily but overlook or did not realize the importance. Along with things I do, I will also try to explain why certain things are important. All of it can be found on the twitter account.

Subscribe to the RSS feed of the twitter stream or if you are on twitter, simply follow leafmonkey and get updates on your twitter page! I have also added the updates on the sidebar of the leafmonkey blog. Check back often!

Why have I decided to start this project? It's really yet another attempt to talk about little things to do every day. But I realize that it really needs to begin with me. One way to make myself more conscientious in practicing what I preach is to be critical of my own lifestyle.

This project is not just about listing the things I've done. I think that's done all too often. You don't need to turn to me to find out what you can do for the environment or how to change your lifestyle. There are too many of those. But what I am really hoping is to share the process of changing our lifestyles. The trials and tribulations if you will. It's like one of those blogs that track how a person try to loose weight. Well this is the project that tries to track how a person can have a greener lifestyle in Singapore!

I look forward to it as a process of transparency and disclosure which will then help me become more responsible towards my daily actions. Environmentalists are not perfect. Most of us eat meat, and even drive! There has been reports on how Al Gore and some other environmental personalities in Singapore have giant utility bills. Well this monkey is not perfect either! There are lots of things I don't know and hopefully through this, people can send me comments and answers to questions I have! Likewise, I do hope to inspire and answer your questions. It's all a learning process so let's do it together! I look forward to hearing from anybody.

For those who are not twitter-savvy, I will be posting summaries of each week's daily actions on the blog. Remember to question me and make me question myself!


Cool Insider said...

Nice post and a timely reminder for all of us to up our "green quotient" and reduce our carbon footprint. My wife and I are thinking of giving our son a tree - as in planting a tree (the $200 a piece one offered by NParks). Its actually to celebrate his 4th birthday but unfortunately we can't find a date that coincides perfectly.

I think it would be great if we can encourage every Singaporean to plant a tree during special occasions. Maybe I should blog about it after we do our deed.

Monkey said...

Excellent idea. If you have read the post about the Monkey Animal Friends Fund, you would realize my inspiration for it is from a friend who have got her friends to plant a tree for her since her 10th birthday. She's 20 something now! Imagine the number of trees she's added to this world. What great karma! heh :)

Yes planting a tree at every special event is great but I also think we can come up with more creative ways than just planting trees! :) At least I hope that this year's effort would give a home to some poor endangered animal.

I wonder what I would do next year. Adopt a shore maybe :)