Sunday, November 11, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 10 Nov 2007

  • When we keep taking and not putting anything back in return, that is when collapse of populations and ecosystems occur, like overfishing
  • Are we severely affecting the ecosystem by demanding hermit crabs that cannot be bred in captivity as a pet? Always must catch from the wild
  • Spent the day discussing conservation ethics and complexities. species conservation vs ecology understanding and conservation. headache!
  • Sent a feedback complaint to NUS office of estate development that the aircon in the arts canteen feels colder than 25 deg Celsius!
  • Got an email query about my stand on haha crabs (hermit crabs in painted shells) and I just sent back a long reply. Think a FAQ is in order.
  • How much waste do you produce each day? I am making it my personal target to produce zero food & packaging waste at each meal every day.
  • Olio in NUS arts canteen only serve cold drinks in disposable cups so I ordered a hot drink in a reusable cup. I wish they will change that
  • A friend commented that Atlas Moth and the tree is good example of an increased need for further understanding of our local ecology
  • Atlas moth caterpillars reported on the front page of the chinese newspaper LHZB yesterday. Why the fuss? R S'poreans alienated from nature?
  • Have been using the fan instead of the aircon for the whole week. I wonder if this will reduce my electricity bill and carbon footprint!


Matt said...

Don't go to Disneyland if you can avoid it! Disney is one of the least green, most abusive corporations around.

Monkey said...

yes that is quite the concern. i might not be going. instead going santa monica and staying at a green hotel! santa monica is quite known as the sustainable city :)