Sunday, November 11, 2007

SEC Youth Portal

On 10 November 2007, Singapore Environment Council (SEC) launched their brand new Youth Portal. It is a fantastic resource of article, projects and even job listings!

I was also pleasantly surprised that my article for the latest issue of Elements (the SEC newsletter) has also been uploaded on the website. It is not even in pdf form but a web version. Very convenient. Too bad 90% of the photos are not included.

You can also find the interview with Ron and Grant on the Chek Jawa Boardwalk guided walks on the website as well. They also have a calendar of events that looks just like WildSingapore's calendar but less visually exciting. But what is more useful for people looking for seed funds, there is a whole list of funding opportunities! For those who are following my daily green actions, you may be interested to know that the website also has a list of green tips.

Despite this being a youth portal by SEC, I do hope that there would be more information about SEC's volunteer arm, the Green Volunteer Network (GVN) itself! Understandably this is not GVN's website but so much could be known about the effort by GVN on Pulau Ubin, especially the green house on Ubin built by GVN. I think there are a lot of people who would love to know more about it. Of course monkeys like me would love to have an easy link online to connect people to the green house. I guess I'll just have to write something up sometime soon!

Still, great effort on the youth portal. It looks like a very promising website. Hopefully people will put it to task and utilize it as it is meant to be!

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