Saturday, September 17, 2005

Kinda busy

Went to the UN Global Compact Singapore Network launch today and took lots of pictures of big shots like Lim Swee Say and Claire Chiang. I am really full of admiration for Claire Chiang now. She is really passionate about sustainability and I guess Banyan tree is really quite good despite their exorbitant prices. Her push for Corporate Social Responsibility with this Global Compact is basically to get the business sector to be more responsible global citizens. It's like fair trade but with more elements such as human, labor, environment and anti-corruption principles. But it also try to make everybody look good because each member is only needed to accomplish juat at least one of the principles and as a collective they appear more successful. Ah well... saw Jack Sim of World Toilet Organization again though. *grin* He is so far a regular in the forums I attend.

Was terribly underdressed but surely felt better the minute I left those suit and ties. Walked through change alley and saw Raffles Hotel Mooncake being sold! After being told by Mrsduck that they had macademia snowskin mooncake, I wanted to investigate. Walking closer, I saw YELLOW boxes being sold. That is from last year! Horror upon horror, I took a picture of the evidence and left. *sigh* Then I heard from another friend today that they DO have macademia and what they didn't was the champagne truffle (which i have!) Regardless, all this only proved that the sales lady who told me they NEVER had macademia snowskin is lying through her teeth.

Incriminating Evidence

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