Sunday, March 20, 2005

For future reference

America's Best Graduate School in:

Public Affairs Specialties: Environmental Policy & Management
New! Ranked in 2004*

1. Indiana University–Bloomington
2. Duke University (NC)
3. Syracuse University (NY)

Engineering Specialties: Environmental/Environmental Health
New! Ranked in 2004*

Rank/School Average assessment
score (5.0=highest)
1. Stanford University (CA) 4.9
2. University of California–Berkeley 4.7
University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign 4.7

They don't seem to rate anything relevant to what I want to study. bugger

Speaking of graduate schools, W is applying for the #1 non-US business school in the world as rated by Forbes. Geez! Guess what? this #1 non-US business school has a campus in Singapore. Oh man... Singapore so big face i also didnt know

According to this slide presentation I found online by a professor from Bren School (UCSB), the leading environment schools in the world are:

California: Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, at UCSB
Master of Environmental Science & Management

Duke: Nicholas School of the Environment
Master of Environmental Management
Master of Forestry

Michigan: School of Natural Resources & Environment
Master of Science in Natural Resources and Environment
Master of Landscape Architecture

Yale: School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Master of Environmental Management; Master of Env. Science
Master of Forestry; Master of Forest Science

Speaking of which, my TA is from the Duke Env Mgmt program and asked what Duke uni professor siva was bringing around singapore :/ alallalalalla

check out this slide:

University of California, Santa Barbara - A Distinguished University

  • Three UCSB Faculty awarded Nobel Prizes in last 5 years.
  • UCSB ranked in the top-ten of US research universities, based on per-faculty research productivity
  • UCSB ranked as #2 public research university in the US, based on per-faculty research productivity (UCB #1)
  • In Sept 2002, Newsweek listed UCSB as one of 12 of “This Year’s Hottest Colleges” based on its impressive academic reputation.

    What Makes Bren Unique
  • Less than ten years old
  • Built from the ground up with new faculty
  • Central emphasis on management AND science
  • NOT a re-branded forestry school
  • Environment is at the top of the public agenda in Coastal California
  • UCSB extremely strong in environmental fields & interdisciplinary studies
  • Modern master’s curriculum delivering breadth of skills.

    but this part sure is discouraging:
    Cost of Attending UCSB
  • California residents: $4000 per year
  • Non-residents and international students: an additional $12,000 per year
  • U.S. residents can establish residency after 12 months
  • Cost of living in Santa Barbara: $15,000 per year

    Oh right, and a GPA of 3.0

    Considering how I am slacking off and not doing my assignment, good bye GPA 3.0 *sigh*

    This ought to teach me to not slack off and hopefully inspire me on. bleh. i doubt it

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