Saturday, April 23, 2005

So much to say...

... and so little time and brain cells left by the end of each day.

Let's back track a little and start from a week ago shall we?

Saturday 16 April 2005
UCSB's environmental affairs board had a little crazy earth day event at a park in isla vista. It was a great party and all but the best part of the day is when I barter traded a bottle of beer for a very very sexy and pretty henna drawing of a flower on my ankle.

It made my day because it made me feel great that the concept of barter trade still prevails in this day and age and beyond craiglist. So that's a bottle of $3 beer for a $15-20 henna art.

I feel deeply honored.

Too bad nobody sees it except me.

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Sustainable Campuses

How exciting, I'm taking a class on Sustainable campus indicators and NUS just came out with its first green plan!

Planning is very important in every community and that includes campus communities.

For more information:
NUS's green plan
UCSB Office of Sustainability - almost can say it's the counterpart of NUS's Campus Green Committee.

Currently I'm working on sustainable indicators, here are some community/cities/regions examples:
Buffalo-Niagara Region, New York, USA
Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
Seattle, Washington, USA
Santa Monica, California, USA

These are the 4 that I'm choosing to do a review on for class. Most probably I'm gonna do Buffalo.

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