Saturday, February 10, 2007

Survivor Maliau

Coming to your screens in 10 days.
Sabah's Lost World

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast!

Will the rambling leafmonkey survive?
Find out on February 28 when I return!
Exclusively yours at the Traveling Menagerie.

The logo is an original creation by the rambling leaf monkey while the clipart is taken from Clipart Guide

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Web 2.0 is the buzzword

By me sharing this video, I am engaging in this phenomenon that is changing our world as we know it - web 2.0

By blogging, tagging, flickring, we are implicitly changing the way we share, collaborate and know the world and this has also very much changed the way our world works. Not just in the ways that is highlighted in the video, although it nearly brings me to tears, touched at the beauty and simplicity of this video.

Indeed, the way the environmental "movement", ideas of conservation, of environmental awareness, outreach, sharing, inspiration, motivations, passing on of information in Singapore has changed tremendously and in fact expanded by leaps and bounds thanks to the wonders and beauty of Web 2.0

For example, I can upload my photos of my beachflea trip to Hantu and tomorrow somebody searching for "hantu" tags might be introduced to the beauty of our southern shores and from there he might then see my blog and then linked on to the many issues by looking at tags, through or other such aggregators. Somebody can then submit it to or any other blog aggregators and it's picked up on my online RSS reader and when that piqued my interest I will read and find out more. Likewise, photos and videos can be linked and shared with ease on a user-created wikipedia entry on Pulau Hantu and then contribute the information they have on the great biodiversity on Hantu and then linking other bloggers like the Hantu Blog, they find out about reclamation projects. Friends or people who are interested can then share a document and edit it together through Google documents (previously writely) can then make the document public. People can collaborate on the same document across borders. That is the beauty of Web 2.0 connectivity.

We have much to accredit and thank Web 2.0 for many wonderful changes and progress we have seen in the last 7 years in Singapore. From print-to-web projects, there are now a committed "army" of nature bloggers online, making an impact. Sometimes we are so deeply entrenched in the depth of web 2.0 connectivity that we don't take a step back and realize the immensity of our actions and our connectivity. But yet at the same time, do we think about whether are we still just reaching out only to the "converted"? Do the rest of the blogosphere and the internet community know of this group of niche bloggers?

Yes, we have increased the sharing of information and the speed of which messages are passed and spread through Singapore and the world but perhaps we need to examine if we can better harness this technology and reach out to even more people in Singapore!

I look forward to such a day because I've already seen a hint of the future in the use of web 2.0 by the nature-loving, environmentally-aware community in Singapore in the last 4 years.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sandy Situations

Sand Mining [Source]

3 Feb 2007
"Sand 'glitch' Won't Hurt Ir Construction" Lee U-Wen, TODAY

2 Feb 2007
"Sand ban from Indonesia not significantly affecting IR construction" May Wong, Channel NewsAsia

1 Feb 2007
"Govt to release sand stockpile from today" Uma Shankari, Business Times Singapore
"Better than the ban" TODAY
"Cope With Ban By Sharing Costs: Bca" TODAY
"S'pore Rebuts Johor Cm's Flood Claim" TODAY

31 Jan 2007
"Johor minister says Singapore land reclamation cause of recent floods" Channel NewsAsia
"Sand ban a wake-up call for industry: architects" Channel NewsAsia
"Government to release concreting sand from stock pile from Feb 1" Channel NewsAsia
"Singapore's Building & Construction Authority expects rise in price of sand" AFX Asia

30 Jan 2007
"Sand shipment from outside Indonesia arrives" Uma Shankari, Business Times Singapore

29 Jan 2007
"Consignment of land sand from source outside Indonesia arrives in S'pore" Channel NewsAsia

26 Jan 2007
"Headache Over Shifting Sands" Lee U-Wen, TODAY

25 Jan 2007

"Indonesia Acts, S'pore Regrets" Sharon Vasoo, TODAY

26 Apr 2006
"KL 'let S'pore outflank it over bridge'" Carolyn Hong, Straits Times

19 Oct 2005
"Half a bridge too far" Ravi Nambiar, New Straits Times

11 Apr 2005

"Singapore finds it hard to expand without sand"

23 Dec 2003

"Indonesian seasand ban to remain until border problem settled" Asia Pulse

7 March 2003
"Indonesia stops exports of sea sand to Singapore" Asia Pulse

27 Dec 2000
"Singapore's SLM Holdings to dredge, sell Indonesian sand" Asia Pulse

24 Aug 2000
"Singapore's L&M Group signs LOI with Indonesia's PTSTUI on sea sand" Asia Pulse

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