Monday, November 26, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 25 Nov 2007

  • there was no lights out today because my whole family was at home from 7-9pm and it's impossible to suggest the concept to them. sigh
  • spent a productive morning discussing new projects and killing some off to better manage my time and studies. now going to botanic gardens
  • people have questioned my use of candles during lights out. honestly i would prefer if i have those solar powered lamps I mentioned.


remorji said...

Hey I really like those sun and moon jars. It will make a wonderful Christmas present. Unwrapped of course.

Monkey said...

despite being a supporter of buy nothing christmas, if there is one thing i really want to have, it'd be those sun and moon jars. i only wonder how efficient the light is. I wish it's not in a frosted glass so that the reflectance is higher.

still, it'll be good to have a solar powered lamp for my lights out :)

ive tried looking for comparable products but have not been able to find anything satisfactory. Anybody have any clue?