Thursday, November 15, 2007

Daily Green Actions: Birthday Edition

14 November 2007

  • Good thing about the monsoon season is that the weather is so cooling that we don't need the air conditioning! use a fan!
  • excited at the idea of camping overnight on Ubin in the first weekend of December but remembered that it's the monsoon season! Very rainy!
  • the asiaisgreen website just reminded me that i should clean my aircon filter to make it more energy efficient!
  • one bad deed done today: i killed an american pitcher plant within a month of owning it. lesson learnt? do not keep exotic plants & animals!
  • have been climbing the stairs instead of taking the lift for 2 flights of stairs. taking the lift is like driving to get across the road.
  • Unfortunately I succumbed to taking a taxi to school today. eek!
  • Instead of printing 52 pages of text on 52 pieces of paper, I reduced it to 6 pieces by printing 4 pages in 1 and reducing font, spacing etc
  • First green thing I did on my birthday - make potpurri out of the roses I got from my fiance. That's good way to reuse and recycle :)

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