Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 27 Nov 2007

  • lights out today spent out of home and office, having a long meeting for IYOR08. i did turn lights/aircon off before i left. its war!
  • having an aircon war with my office-mate. he left the office lights and aircon on at 22degC today! RAWR!
  • the weather is perfect for enjoying the cool morning with its refreshing wind and rain. natural air conditioning!


Elise said...

Air con and central heating are seriously over used.

The Accounts department have their heating on full blast and they open the windows if they get hot!

Come on people! Even if your not a great fan of saving the environment just use your common sense!

photo blog girl said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog today and I'm an immediate fan. Very inspirational. I'm even going to add you to my "blogs I like" links on my blog!

MORONIC said...

Are u doing carbon offsets for the electricity used up blogging at all? , sorry i wuz jest wundering......

Monkey said...

i don't believe in carbon offset because that's just pushing carbon around.

i do believe in reducing my use. i switch off all my power supply instead of leaving my wifi, router, computer all on standby. i do my lights out every day to make sure i have 2 hours of non electricity usage in the middle of prime time.

we can all but try.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Wishing you all every success in your endeavours.

NGO work is always challenging. It's still rewarding in it's own way.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Thu. 29th Nov. 2007.

A. M said...

I never turn on the heater in the sitting room, i just put on my house jacket and some heavy cover and sit watch tv.

Lately I'm not using lights in my bedroom, just when i need to study. I got those small 5 candles colored lights which are enough for knowing where things are.

So You are affecting me here!