Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 13 Nov 2007

  • Trawling press releases at the moment to find a quote by Singapore leaders stating that they cannot forsake economic growth for environment
  • A little bird told me that there will soon be a biofuel-powered bus prowling the roads of NUS next year!
  • heard and saw a pair of very noisy white parrot-like birds outside the University Cultural Centre. Since when do we have resident parrots?
  • walked for about 15min from my office to the climate change talk by Prof CJ Somerville. Then walked home from MRT station. Feels good walkin
  • Concluded that Belinjo is indeed a most sustainable snack. The tree is grown in as windbreak, can live up to 100 years and high yielding!
  • Invited to be a regular contributor on the new SEC Youth Portal. I hope they wouldn't expect me to only write about climate change. boring.
  • reminding myself to bring chopsticks to school later so I will not succumb to disposables. I already have a fork/spoon and lunchbox in sch
  • working on the new WildSingapore blog reminds me of when I was a news intern with Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures
  • @budak brought my attn to a new documentary movie King Corn which delves into the global food system check it out!

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