Wednesday, November 14, 2007


6 months ago, I started a crazy plan to raise fund for ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre during my birthday this year. Thus, the Monkey Animal Friends Fund was created.

ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre

You may recall reading about it on this blog. I even drew a very sweet monkey mascot for it.

My aim was to raise $6000 for the primate enclosure at the Wildlife Rescue Center. Thus instead of asking my friend to give me a present this year, I asked them to donate to the MAFF instead.

The insides of a monkey enclosure

While I was not able to raise $6000, I am proud to say that MAFF raised $1500. Today being my 26th birthday and the end of the MAFF fund raising project, I thought it would be a good time to write about the day MAFF spent at ACRES, helping to paint the monkey enclosure!

Monkey just finished painting the wall!

So on 4 November 2007, a group of monkey's animal friends trooped down to ACRES at 91 Jalan Lekar. Despite not being able to have our name on the primate enclosure, we were given the opportunity to paint it! The MAFF contingent sadly comprised mainly of Evie, Joe and myself. Hannah and her friend also came down but were doing separate tasks! Overall it was a really fun time.

The girls at work!

We even made our own sandwiches and japanese riceballs and picnicked at the wildlife rescue center! It was a good day spent outdoors, doing a good deed. Joe even got to save a few snails and frogs in the process of cleaning up the place!

Caught Joe in the act of eating the egg mayo sandwiches she made and Evie made those awesome onigiri

I also passed the $1500 to ACRES Executive Director, Louis, that morning. A few days ago, I received the receipt and a letter of thanks. It was really sweet seeing it addressed to the Monkey Animal Friends Fund. All of you who contributed, the animals thank you.

Before and After

While I would like to have said the Monkeys thank you, but the $1500 will go towards the reptile enclosure instead. So thankssss! The monitor lizards, iguanas and other snakesss thanksss yousss!

Even for those of us who are not reptile-inclined, I must say that they are just as important as the primates. In fact, they are often subject of the illegal pet trade and the problem is definitely bigger than primates, especially with them being less charismatic and all.

Other volunteers there that day!

Overall, I would say this is a meaningful way to spend my birthday with friends and animals. Thank you all again!

Photos from the day can be seen here.

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