Friday, November 23, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 22 Nov 2007

  • despite the fact that my bus was stopped in front of us at the busstop, we decided to walk home.
  • listening to cricket song through the open window. what's that annoying typing sound? oh wait, that's me typing this on the computer.
  • back at my office before lights out is over for the day so im here in my office, in the dark, a/c off, windows on, computer sadly on
  • caused quite a stir at the presentation reception when I refused to eat the food coz they were using styrofoam plates. napkin & eclairs 4 me
  • tonight's light out will again be spent outside of home or office. I'll be attending a presentation of campaigns for environmental issues
  • encountered disposable chopsticks at the sushi restaurant at lunch. i'm beginning to see a trend. Either I bring my own or avoid jap food
  • Overwhelming number of comments on my blog. Definitely a first. Enjoy the readership but I am trying very hard to keep up with replies.


Matt said...

If not styrofoam, what material would've been more "appetizing" to you? And for what reasoning?


PS: This is not a trick question. Just curious about your thought process on green ideas.

Monkey said...

anything non-disposable
so yeah probably ceramic

we've also tried biodegradable plates
but i dun really believe in throwing them away

washing a few plates cannot be worse than using and throwing a bunch of styrofoam/paper/plastic away!

Matt said...

washing can be problematic if water is in short supply.

I like the idea of edible plates made from corn, sort of like a large flat tortilla chip.

I empathize with your turning back a meal based on styrofoam serving. although styro uses less transport energy to deliver mass quantities of serving plates/containers, they litter the environment and never degrade, just break into smaller pieces. Ack!

Monkey said...

ah if water is in short supply that's a whole different thing.

FIRST of all, the way people wash their plates is very important. i've been to villages in the mountains where you can wash the dishes of a whole family's meal with just ONE BUCKET of water

SECOND, I enjoy plates made of organic material. I guess it is like your idea of edible plates. Using banana leafs to act as plates and using your hands as utensils... why not? Disposal is an issue. Bury? Compost? Sustainability of harvesting the utensil material? There are just too many of us in this world. Of course there is the issue of eating with your hands standing up in a buffet.

THIRD, the concept of disposable utensils just cannot be preferred over reusable utensils.

While I did not want to waste the food, I decided to use a napkin to hold some of the finger food and skipped the rice. Why Napkin? How is that better than using paper plates? Well you still use napkin even if you use a paper plate right? I have now combined 2 uses in 1. Napkins material are usually recycled not virgin. Hopefully.

ALTHOUGH, considering the proximity of the buffet to my office, I straightaway thought of going to my office to fetch my lunchbox, mug and utensils. Oh well. That would have been my preferred choice. Let me take care of my own washing. My own waste.

Maybe that's what we should do in the future? Just bring our own utensils everywhere we go

Matt said...

I like that idea! Bring our own utensils (reusable chopsticks are airport security passable.

Most napkins are produced with recovered paper, paper which is a waste product of producing paper plates, cups and envelopes.

There were made collapsable steel cups which would be prefect to carry for use. They collapse flat and can even hold water. I have one somewhere and will take a picture.

Monkey said...

wow collapsible steel cup!! i was still wondering how to entice people to bring their mug around university if they don't have an office like me. especially undergrads.

man somebody could make a business selling "green lifestyle products" in singapore. i really dont think anybody's selling collapsible steel cups here haha

Jeffrey said...

The prevalence of disposable utensils is hard to counter ... even though in my office we have used reusable, sealable containers and "real" forks and spoons, we still get hawkers who seem to not understand why we don't want their disposable chopsticks etc.

One year (maybe 1.5, even) of using reusable containers - almost 7500 styroform containers *not* used!