Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 12 Nov 2007

  • Received a thank you letter from ACRES for the donation of $1500 that Monkey Animal Friends Fund raised for ACRES in the name of my birthday
  • Just read that there is now a Energy Studies Institute in my own university (NUS) and I didn't even hear about it!
  • Reading about oil spills around the world this month - first in california and now in Russia! What's up with that? http://tinyurl.com/25gd5g
  • 4 primary school boys just came to my house to hand out dengue prevention flyers. they sure start them young these days.
  • Can anybody tell me how my Belinjo is cultivated? The Belinjo nut must come from somewhere. Is it plantation? large? monoculture? multicrop?
  • Recently addicted to Belinjo emping - vegetarian keropok! More sustainable than prawn crackers? Trying to find out how Belinjo is grown
  • writing my research proposal on studying the environmental implication of singapore's food import and feeling guilty for eating maggie mee
  • Saw the article about chopsticks brassieres which help remind people to bring their own chopsticks. No more disposable! Good reminder for me
  • Signed up to attend Green Drinks Singapore on 28 Nov. http://www.greendrinks.sg/ They have a list of lifestyle tips on their website too.
  • recycling etiquette: briefly rinsed my empty aluminum cans before putting them in the recycling bin to ensure cleanliness & keep pest away.

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