Saturday, November 24, 2007

USA Black Friday

Buy Nothing Day is precisely a response to Black Friday.

Black Friday is so called not because of dooms and glooms but because in the US, every retail business would be in the "blacks", making a profit. It is the only day in the whole year where every business is guaranteed to make money.

Why? Just watch the video above and you can guess why. And it is precisely Black Friday that Buy Nothing Day came into existence. To curb this kind of extreme consumerism in ONE DAY. I guess it's like After Christmas Sales for us or perhaps the Great Singapore Sale. One month of consumerism madness. Perhaps there should be a local Buy Nothing Day targeted at our consumer quirks.

Today I will be spending Buy Nothing Day at Fort Caning. Lapiz Lazuli Light is having a Holistic Health Green Carnival called "an ant's endeavor to move a tree". Although it's not a problem for me to resist buying really cool things, I suspect I will be spending most of my time trying to persuade my friend not to succumb to the allure. Unfortunately as she reminded me, we're supposed to be there to support the cause. We'll see. Anywho, we have made a home-made lunch to picnic at the park later. That should be fun :) We've made sure we didn't use any luxurious ingredients. Having an Indonesian food theme picnic later!


JOLKA said...

very nice:)

Di said...

such a strange phenomenon, lol

Alaskan_Chickies said...

I love the idea for Buy Nothing day!

Kelley Calvert said...

Buy Nothing Day is excellent in theory, but unfortunately, doesn't really do much. I think it's more than just an idea 'to curb' consumerism on one day or in one month... it questions the foundation of uber-consumerism which we have in the U.S.
I mean... just look at that video! Nuts :)