Sunday, November 18, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 17 Nov 2007

  • spent my lights-out hour from 7-9pm walking, reading and having dinner. I didnt use electricity but I was in lighted areas. does that count?
  • For those who know me, I'm such a computer geek, this project means no tv and no computers for me for 1 hour at prime time. its a torture!
  • I think this is a good project for the Daily Green Action series. But I'll see if I can survive 1 week. No electricity use from 8-9pm.
  • the idea of lightsout is to have lots of people to make a difference. I am just 1 monkey but If i do this for 365 nights, it rep 365 people.
  • In addition to Lights Out America, there is the Candle Night project in Japan and Asia We should have one here
  • Should I read or paint by candlelight or go downstairs, walk to the lake in the moonlight and check out the stars?
  • Lights Out will only be meaningful if large number of people do it together at the same time. But tonight, how can I make it meaningful?
  • Planning a lights-out tonight. http://www.lightsoutamerica... It is also this month's Green Thing to Do http://www.dothegreenthing....
  • Working on the International Year of the Reefs 2008 Singapore website right now.
  • Blogging about the recent local air pollution caused haze in Singapore. Will they finally wake up to the issue or blame it on poor air circ?

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Cassidy Jayne said...

I will gladly try to stop using lights one hour a day... probably between ten and eleven in the morning.