Saturday, November 10, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 9 Nov 2007

  • Do Singaporeans knows or even cares to know where their food comes from?
  • Reading up on the water footprint. Did you know it takes 3400 litres to grow 1 kg of rice. I just consumed 1700 litres of water!
  • Is it environmentally irresponsible to be a picky eater? Does it matter if I pick the carrots out from my veggies just coz I don't like it?
  • Somebody asked: Does saving electricity and water count as going green? YES! It is a myth that Singapore is invulnerable to water scarcity!
  • If Ben and Jerry learnt how to make ice cream in a distance learning course - monkey can make ice cream!
  • Resisted buying bens and jerrys last night! they have lost their eco-friendly vision after bought over by Unilever. Now mere luxury goods
  • Office is freezing even though the aircon is set at 25C. Wondering if I should switch it off and just embrace natural ventilation!
  • Missed the collection date for national recycling program this week! Now there's a bulging bag of recyclables waiting for collection
  • Walked home from the MRT station. Walking is most sustainable. In Singapore, MRT is the least pollutive form of public transport!
  • What green action did you take today?

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