Friday, November 23, 2007

Buy Nothing Day

Tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day in Singapore. A project that started in Canada as an informal day of protest against consumerism observed by social activists. It is usually held a day after Thanksgiving on 23 Nov - a mega shopping date for consumers in North America. A day of cheap sales and buying things you never need.

Sounds familiar?

Internationally, Buy Nothing Day is observed on 24 Nov 2007. Although there are no flash mobs or conspicuous protests organized in Singapore, everybody can participate by not participating.

Resist the taunt and temptation of consumerism on buy nothing day this saturday, 24 Nov 2007! Buy nothing more than bare necessities. Reflect on your shopping habits. Think!

Since Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Singapore, a season for shopping we could relate to more would be the upcoming Christmas holiday. A season of buying and buying. Thus you would be happy to know that in addition to Buy Nothing Day, there is Buy Nothing Christmas!

To be honest, I am, like you, deeply entrenched in our urbanite consumerist lifestyle. I am deeply dependent on buying buying and more buying. We use and we waste without a blink of an eye. Most of us don't know or don't care how our daily essentials are produced. We like our comforts and our conveniences. We buy exorbitantly priced consumer items because the magazine says its now a trendy status symbol and fashionable statement. We buy cute adorable ornaments that serves no purpose. We succumb to advertising. We buy things that we don't need.

Yes I am guilty of all of the above.

My Daily Green Actions project has honestly been very tiring for me because I now have to make myself to face all my every little action. I am making myself more responsible for my own actions. To stop, think and reflect.

But like how alcoholism is treated, combatting consumerism begins with a single step. Acknowledging the problem and taking responsibilities for our own actions!

My name is monkey. I am a wasteful consumer, disconnected from production and enjoy urban conveniences without considering consequences.
Join me in taking this first step! You will not be alone. More than 170 people have pledged their support for Buy Nothing Day in Singapore on facebook alone.

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AY@tes said...

I love Buy Nothing Day. I think that more people should become familiar with it as its such an important idea and concept that they should use year round. I just found out about BNXmas, and didn't realize that I had been practicing that for years. :)

Casila said...

I agree with you. 'Buy Nothing Day' is a stress free experience. Especially when one is broke. LOL

Little Me said...

Buy nothing day is such a good idea. I live in England and, as far as I know, we don't have it here but I am such a constant, spare-of-the-moment shopper that spending a day thinking about what I actually buy would be such a wake-up call.

daydreaming said...

BVuy Nothing Day sounds pretty easy...
Maybe because I have no money to spend? Lol..

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SIB said...


Anonymous said...

Love the idea! Resist consumerism!

My favorite quote is one I use in my own blog countless times: "Think!"

Great blog, I will be back for more great content, thanks, Masoni