Sunday, November 25, 2007

Daily Green Actions: Buy Nothing Day

  • it is really a challenge finding alternative things to do away from television, computer and mobile phone. I actually suffer from withdrawal
  • Today's lights out was spent bathing and cooking dinner in candlelight; dinner on the bench outside my house and strolling in full moonlight
  • going offline for lights out today. 1st time in a week that Im finally going to totally not use any electricity! Bathing in the dark is fun!
  • Thanks to the carnival, I felt so reconnected and decided to take a detour along the river (canalized of cos) on the way home. rejuvenated!
  • The Lapiz Lazuli Light Carnival was inspirational. I bought portable reusable chopsticks. It's buy nothing day but I dun feel guilty!
  • Happy Buy Nothing Day. Have you succumbed to black friday yet? I hope not.


Taylor at Choices said...

I was just talking to my son concerning some things that we could begin to do over the Christmas Holidays. When I came across your blog and what you were doing to turn the lights off and save energy, I thought how nice that would be. Turning the TV, computer, and lights off for a day would be wonderful. Now let's see if I can sell this idea to my family.
Giving it a try.

Karin said...

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Karin said...

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ZoeyH-P said...

i hope you r go at giveing endvie becase i have a ? should i be mad at my friend becase she made my boyfriend dop me now shes going out with him its stupid

Contemplations - Your Part said...

OMG.... we did this at school!! Everything was veggies, no meat... and stuff

Aneet said...

Very thoughtful blog!


IK said...

Hello there! You've done a great blog! I would want to do something like this, hope one day I will be also good in writing it. Have a good day!