Saturday, November 24, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 23 Nov 2007

  • I have to stop spending lights out every day in front of the computer, even if laptop is batt-powered and not using any direct electricity.
  • Planning my Buy Nothing Day activities for tomorrow. Going to attend the Lapiz Lazuli Green Carnival and make our own picnic food with evie
  • almost forgot about light out but now in darkness, listening to the resident owl hooting from nearby trees, playing scrabble on computer
  • My name is monkey. I am a wasteful consumer, disconnected from production and enjoy urban conveniences without considering consequences.
  • sadly the first step of any rehabilitation program like alcoholic anonymous is to FIRST acknowledge you have a problem.
  • sick of thinking about my every move and assessing if its "eco-friendly" but my lifestyle is just too entrenched in wasteful habits. *cry*
  • the only fallback of not turning on my lights is that my coworkers think im not in the office but leaving window open in empty room! sigh
  • normally my office lights would be on all day, during daylight hours as well. today it's been off since 7am. Lights out all the way!
  • It's 7am and I'm in my office after dropping off my guest at the airport. Realized that since I'm going to nap, might as well off the lights

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A. M said...

It is weird though how people depend on light. They do their work in day light, they turn on the lights in darkness, they just can't live with out light... But the thing is, light has become unimportant lately in my lifestyle.