Thursday, November 29, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 28 Nov 2007

  • resisted taking taxi to sign up for driving class but i made ria drive to bukit batok to pick me up. better than i take taxi to meet her?
  • spent lights out at the Green Drinks Singapore meeting. Met some readers of the blog. Hello!
  • last time driving is all about the smog & pollution. these days, people only talk about carbon emissions from driving. spot the trend!
  • knowing how to drive does not mean that I have to drive everyday from my house to the groccery store. i'm not going to be a c02 emitter!
  • on my way to sign up for driving lessons now. After resisting for 26 years, i've finally recognize that driving is an essential skill.
  • attending Green Drinks tonight. hopefully we can get some networking going on here
  • left the computer on overnight, downloading game. last night left tv on and fell asleep. *sigh* what a waste

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David said...

Fab stuff. Thank you for sharing.