Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Are you an everyday superhero?

Are you an everyday superhero?

I picked up this free ZO postcard from one of those free postcards dispensing racks yesterday and was very intrigued. It is 1 in a series of 4 postcards that is spreading climate change awareness. Organized by SEC and supported by NEA and the Climate Change Organization, it has program partners like Sembcorp and Shell. On its website, it gives tips of reducing electricity, in order to reduce fossil fuel consumption, thus reducing CO2 emission and in doing so, reduce global warming and climate change.

One of my favourite tips on the website is as follows:

"Turn off the TV. Leaving it on standby mode sucks up 85% more electricity than turning it off at the wall."
This is something that I have been trying to practice ever since I learnt about it in the US. But somehow, most people seems quite resistant to the idea. Well 85% is almost double the amount!

Did you know that it's the same with water heaters? Most of the time our heaters are consuming energy while it maintains your water hot. I can tell this is especially so for my heater because the pipe for hot water is scorching hot even when nobody is using it. If you do not wish to turn the heater off, you could at least leave it at 'cold mode' so that the heater does not anticipate your requirement of hot water perpetually and generate excess heat to keep the water warm throughout theh day. This of course only apply for some heaters. It's always good to switch off any electrical applicances and not leave it on standby!

On the back of this postcard, it also says:
"Fellow citizens travelling by public transport for one year reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 4,2000kg, which is equivalent to planting 355 trees. Incredible isn't it? Help reduce global climate change by becoming an everyday superhero."
That sure is some food for thought. Reading that makes all the squeezing on buses and MRTs during peak hour seems worthwhile.
You can even battle harmful CO2 emissions and save the planet on the Everyday Superhero website by playing the game on the website!

Sure is a great way to create climate change awareness. Kudos! As the superhero on the postcard says:
"Save the planet, one day at a time"
You can do it too!

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