Friday, August 04, 2006

Waxing Lyricals


There is no happier monkey on earth right now than yours truly. I am happier than the monkey that just dove into a peanut truck. I am happier than the monkey that just got itself ridden of fleas.

I am a monkey with a macbook.

Blogging from my macbook. click for full size

After 7 years since my last Apple Macintosh LC575 running on system 7.6, I am now back with my kind riding on the forefront of OSX Tiger and what not. Coming fully equipped with a built in webcam and all that shinnanigans.

So it cost a pretty penny but I think it's almost worth it.

More or less gotten myself acquainted with my milkie.

Yep, that's his name. It's beanie, cuppie and milkie.

A cup of colombian latte anyone?


pinto said...

Can I play when you get it? =) Pleeeeease?

Monkey said...