Sunday, August 06, 2006

Evil Plastic Bags

Yesterday I made my trip to make my kinokuniya purchases.

Of course there were quite a substantial number of books and I did not want to squeeze them into my backpack in fear of dog ears and what not, I did not object to them bagging it for me.

Since there were 8 big fat books, the lady asked me if I would like 2 seperate bags or just one, and I happily asked for just 1 bag since I did not want to produce excessive plastic wastes. So she cramped everything into one bag for me and I left.

As I walked I found the weight to be annoying and decided to repack everything into my backpack afterall and that was when I found that the cashier has used TWO PLASTIC bags to contain the books! She took one bag to put everything and another bag to reinforce the first bag. A plastic bag to contain a plastic bag. ARgh! Imagine my anger, at her and at myself when I saw that.

So the conclusion is that, A) I should have checked and B) I shouldn't have asked for any bags in the first place because it's always better to pre-empt than to be upset on hindsight.

I guess the girl doesn't really read much environmental writings because she just bagged 8 books with titles like ecological footprints and 725 ways to save the earth into 2 plastic bags.

I should have known better.


the girl with the thorn in her side said...

you could have brought your own bags

November said...

i had a big bag
but then i didnt want to cramp the books
i COULD have put it in my bag but then so it was just bad decision on my part
and yes i should always bring ANOTHER bag with me
gosh, i should do a survey on how often people do this.