Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Having seen the link from WildSingapore, I checked out the Gombe Chimpanzee Geoblog which allows you to read blog posts along with photos on Google Earth itself.

It is rather tedious and requires you to first download a copy of the google earth software. Each time you read the blog, you are required to first download a .kmz file which will then open up in Google Earth. It flies you to the placemark and then a screen will open up upon clicking on the placemark and the blog post will be displayed.

Still, if you're a person who enjoys google earth and toys with it regularly, have a fast enough computer, then surely this geoblog concept is brilliant.

I will try it out with Pulau Ubin Stories and see how well it works out to be. I must say though, I wouldn't want to exclude more old-school users and if I do like the Gombe blog and only have the full post on Google Earth then I will lose a lot of readers. On the other hand, if I have the full post on both GE and the web then nobody would go on GE cept to see the fancy images.

However, I will still try it because it beats static maps displayed as low quality size-constrained images on the blog.

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