Monday, August 21, 2006


Today in class, prof mentioned that in his field work at Bukit Timah, he hardly ever encounter leeches in our streams. But in Malaysia, there are tons of leeches - something I can attest to, having had leeches raining on me in Fraser Hill.

"What happened to all the leeches in Singapore? Did they get banned by the Singapore government or something?" - Higgitt (2006)

Gosh, I would like to know too. So I did a search online and guess what I found?

They've all been turned into 100% pure leech oil!

But seriously I am sure there are some kind of biological reasons for the lack of rampant leeches in our forests. But definitely, we do have leeches. You should just be glad you haven't encountered them yet!


budak said...

no leech cos no duck for them to suck!!

yuene said...

*raises hand* I got eaten by one before, and the best thing was that I wasn't even aware of it!