Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Green Transport Week 2006

Did you know that the Green Transport Week has been going on in Singapore since 2001? Yet every year the event seems to go by without us knowing it till we see it on TV. Or at least that is how I feel. So this year I made a pledge on the GTW website. You can do it too! Although I think for most of us who already take public transport everyday, it would not make too much of a difference. Maybe I can walk more or cycle more that week and pledge not to take any taxis at all! Gosh I really must try to stop taking taxis. In fact, they also encourage carpooling or carsharing as well. Read Mrsbudak's experience in carsharing.

Make a pledge here.

Bike to school!This does remind me very much of the Bike to Work Week 2005 that I thoroughly enjoyed in Santa Barbara last year. I went to cover the event for the Transport Alternatives for Livable Communities (TALC) newsletter and instead I got to know some really fervent and dedicated people to supporting alternative transport in car-crazy-california.

Flags downtown Harley bike Aerodynamic bike Bike to work day flag

Here are the events for this year's GTW. If you don't bike, there's always the option of walking or even just taking the MRT downtown and watch a movie indoors!

Leisure Cycle & Scenic Walk

Date: Sunday, 20th August 2006
Time: 9am - Noon
Venue: Changi Village Hotel
Guest-of-Honour: SPS for Environment, Dr Amy Khor

Green Transport Week (GTW) is a campaign to create awareness of the impact transport activities have on the environment. GTW seeks to encourage the public to reduce negative impacts by using public transport, alternative forms of transport, choosing fuel efficient vehicles, good driving habits, and keeping vehicles well maintained.

At the launch Dr Amy Khor, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment will be flagging off cyclists on a leisure ride. Those not wishing to cycle can participate in a guided scenic walk instead. Both activities will be followed by an informal brunch. Bicycles will be provided upon request.

Green Transport Week


Date: Friday, 20th October 2006
Time: 6:30pm – 9pm
Venue: GV Grand, Great World City
Guest-of-Honour: SPS for Environment, Dr Amy Khor

Description: An Inconvenient Truth is a full length movie, which offers a passionate and inspirational look at one man's fervent crusade to halt global warming's deadly progress in its tracks by exposing the myths and misconceptions that surround it.

SEC has been chosen as the sole beneficiary of the event.

Update: Unconfirmed at the moment. There is an alternative event for schools listed below. Also, SEC informed me that the movie will be out in Singapore at the end of the year.

Green Transport Week

Eco-Chase Challenge & Carnival

Date: Sunday, 27th August 2006
Time: 9:30am – 11am
Venue: *Scape (Opposite Youth Park, Nearest Somerset MRT)
Guest-of-Honour: Minister for Transport and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr Raymond Lim

To conclude Green Transport Week (GTW) a green transport carnival will be held. The venue will also act as the start and finish point for The Incredible Eco-Chase, an ‘Amazing Race’ type challenge, but integrating green(transport) challenges. The Incredible Eco-Chase will be played by teams of four with separate categories for organisations, schools, and an open category for the public.

Minister for Transport and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr Raymond Lim, will flag off contestants.

For more information about the Green Transport Week 2006, visit the SEC website.

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Latest Update:


Sunday Brunch Ride by
Join us for a leisurely Sunday bike ride in Changi Village organized by bicycle portal and we’ll treat you to a complimentary brunch at Changi Village Hotel at the end of it. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. So register early as places are limited!

Date : 20 Aug 2006
Time : 9-11am
Venue : Changi Village

“Spot the Fuel-Efficient Car” Decal Contest (21-25 August 2006)
If yours is a fuel-efficient car, we’ll give you decal. Drive to Orchard Road from 4-7pm (21-25 Aug 2006) and be spotted with the decal. Stand a chance to win fabulous gift vouchers if your license plate number is announced over Power 98FM and Dong Li 88.3FM.

Movie Sneak Preview - “An Inconvenient Truth” (For Schools only)
A hit at the Sundance Film Festival, this film features former US Vice-President, Al Gore as he fights to warn the world about the global warming crisis. United International Pictures will be organising a free sneak preview for schools and environmental education advisors. The film is directed by Davis Guggenheim, produced by Laurie David, Lawrence Bender and Scott Z. Burns.

Date : 26 Aug 2006
Time : 10am
Venue : Prince Theatre @ Shaw Towers, Beach Road

Green Transport Carnival
Join us in flagging off the teams taking part in The Incredible Eco Chase and take part in our day-long program of activities. Build your very own green transportation from recycled materials and compete to see just how far it’ll go in the “Green Gravity Challenge”. Win attractive prizes if your winning green vehicle travels the furthest after being launched from a ramp slope.

Learn how to unicycle at The Singapore Unicyclists booth and take part in activities organized by The Singapore Women’s Cycling Team.

Green Transport Pledges
Do your part in helping to save our environment by pledging to promote the use of public transport in your organisation and setting targets for reducing the number of cars in your office building carparks. Corporations, government organisations, schools and individuals can log onto the SEC website to make their Green Transport pledges and will be acknowledged for the efforts during the Eco Chase Carnival Closing Ceremony.

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