Thursday, August 17, 2006

Uncle, no straw please

Earlier this year, the toddycats had a booth at the reduce plastics and use reusable bags launch at Parkway Parade. One of our panels for exhibition was titled the curse of plastics with a vivid photo of plastic remnants spilling out of a turtle's mouth. One of the ways suggested to reduce plastic trash is to stop using straws.

Did you know that a human being stops requiring the use of a straw from the age of 4? From the moment you learn to control your motor skills to enable you to drink from a cup, you no longer require the aid of a straw.

So ever since that exhibition, I made a pledge to myself to stop using straws and would always request for no straws please.

Did you notice that drink stalls usually automatically give you straws without you asking for it? Only certain food courts require you to fetch your own straws.

As a sign of good service, the drink stall of the NUS Arts Canteen always automatically issue you a straw before handing you your drinks. However, since the beginning of this year, I have been pre-empting them. So much so that now the drink stall uncle has actually recognized me and pre-empt my request by greeting me with a smile and saying,

"no straws, right?"

Even after 3 months of being away from school on holiday, the uncle has not forgotten me. Today when I visited the stall, as usual I said,

"uncle, no straw please"

And straight away he replied,

"yes i remember! How come you haven't visited the stall for so long!"

He remembers! I guess I must be a rare soul to actually try to stop those fast-moving uncles from slipping a straw into my cup before they try to sneak one past me. And sometimes they succeed too! But not if I get this particular uncle.

He remembers.

Latest Update: Just got an email from NUS informing that the Arts Canteen will be closed for renovation from October to July 2007. This is the last of the Arts Canteen as I know it before I graduate! There will be no more uncle who knows I don't want straws. There will be no more familiar stalls that has tied alumnis of all ages together when we talk about the char kway teow stall uncle who supported 2 sons to med school and serves a mean plate of CKT! *sigh* Memories.

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