Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Religion in the news

Seems like Singapore's getting it's very own case of the "exorcism of emily rose" or is it a scene out of "Holy Smokes" where the protagonist, Kate Winslet, is surrounded and an 'exorcism' (of sorts) forced upon her.

Priests, helpers at Novena Church sued over alleged exorcism
By Rita Zahara, Channel NewsAsia [source]
29 August 2006 2100 hrs

"In the writ, Amutha Valli claimed that on 10 August 2004, she went to Novena Church to pray with her son, daughter and a close friend. But she fainted. She is alleging that two priests from the church, Father Simon Tan and Father Jacob Ong, claimed she had been possessed by a spirit, and then performed an act of exorcism, helped by seven others.

The ritual is said to have lasted two-and-a-half hours, during which time Amutha claimed she had resisted furiously. She claimed she was strangled, pinned down and verbally abused."
Or is this one of those Da Vinci Code, Stigmata portrayed church scandals-cover up?
"When contacted, Father Tan claimed Amutha Valli did not faint in church. In fact, he said, she had walked in asking for help, saying she was possessed. Father Tan also denied any act of exorcism. He said he, Father Ong and another seven helpers only performed prayers over her."
So who's right and who's wrong? Will we ever know the truth? Who do you believe? One thing for sure, this is the first case of its kind in Singapore.

Anyways, all in one day, another 'religious' group also hit the news. This time it's the persistent falungong members. The interesting bit about this article is that I have no idea how the Chee siblings are involved with this cult(?).
"More than 80 Falungong members crowded the narrow corridor outside the courtroom, awaiting their turn to go in. Singapore Democratic Party chief Dr Chee Soon Juan also attended the hearing with his sister and party colleague Chee Siok Chin. "
On another hand, the falungong members are being accused of displaying "insulting writings" at the Chinese Embassy thus resulting in a harrassment charge.
"SI Ooi testified that the three were sitting under a blue banner that read "On hunger strike in protest of the Chinese Communist Party's inhumane persecution of Falungong practitioners."
So does this mean I am harrassing Macdonalds if I go on a diet in protest of their inhumane treatment of the world's forests, small farmers, wastage of food and evil influence on the global food supply?

See: Falungong members back in court, 29 August 2006, TODAY


ancient healing arts said...

Frankly, see this Do not anyhow say what you do not know about the catholic church. In the first place, this is indeed a well covered up plot by her. The priest could never done an exorcism on her because they did not have the titular archbishop of singapore's signature(Nicholas Chia). This is against canon law! How could you link this
case to the Da Vin Ci code. Stop your ignorance and read about the church.

Monkey said...

i apologize if this post offended you. as you can see, this was written ONE YEAR ago. Today I saw this covered in the news and I definitely feel swayed by the latest revelations. Now, the thing is, I never said anything about the church. I merely quote the article and said that the description sounds like something out of the movie. I was purely commenting on the article itself. Not the act. Now where does my "ignorance" come in. Pray tell. Can you say if my post was a criticism of the religious institution or if it was a criticism of issues portrayed in the news? Besides, I see two articles mentioned here. I wonder if you actually read my post...