Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I love my trees

Mighty Dipterocarps
Few of our remaining dipterocarps heritage trees in Changi.

Monkeys love trees of course but it's especially heartening to see others love our trees too.

Yawningbread posted an insightful photo essay recently about our trees in response to an horrid and shallow suggestion by an ST journalist in May 2006 to cut down the trees in Orchard road because it made our prime shopping district look dark and gloomy.

"In May this year, Ignatius Low, a Straits Times journalist, wrote a column in which he mentioned that Orchard Road wasn't as bright as some other cities' premier shopping streets at night. He attributed it to the thick canopy of trees. To give Orchard more buzz, he suggested that we should cut down some of the trees, replacing them with species with less dense foliage."
As YB showed, it is definitely not the case.

Read Yawningbread's photo essay on "Our Trees".

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