Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Trip to Sungei Buloh

Bruguiera  flowers

On Sunday, I brought my fellow BYEE representative from Indonesia whom I had the honor of knowing from Germany 2004 to Sungei Buloh for a quick tour of our wetlands. She was here for the 1 degree Asia festival and was very impressed that Singapore did have some blissful pockets of wildlife where calls of cricket can be heard easily over the din of traffic and where crocodiles can be seen idling after the afternoon shower to grace curious visitors with its presence by the main bridge.

Bob the Buaya
Let the photos do the talking.

Sulky Duck
If you prefer verbose descriptions, here's the sulky duck's account. Kudos to him for capturing Bob the Buaya's handsome eyes and for keeping the ladies company despite his attempts to sacrifice monkey to the croc.

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budak said...

duck look dumpy! :(