Friday, September 01, 2006

Foreign Minister blogs

A few months back when Mr Wang reported that the Indonesian Defense Minister had his own blog. I was very impressed, mostly because the minister's blog was very intellectual and insightful which gave me a better impression of the hands in which the Indonesian government is in - in a generalized way of course.

Now I read that our very own foreign minister has taken up blogging as well!

I checked it out.

No real impressions at the moment but then again, Juwono Sudarsono's first blog post was on the birth of his granddaughter. And then he gets serious - his latest post being on the Lebanon crisis, discussing diplomacy and military balance.

I hope that BG Yeo will come through as well and engage readers in more intellectual pursuits rather than just sharing with us what he ate for dinner.

Of course there were commenters who wondered if it's really the man himself. Yeah, the monkey is trying to be optimistic.

This could be a step forward for Singapore.

I sincerely hope so.

On another related matter, Mr Wang reported later that he was informed that another of our PAP MP
Teo Ho Pin has his own blog as well and another commented that our famous opposition JBJ has his own blog as well. I shan't comment on opposition bloggers since some even have their own podcast. I think that it brings it to a higher level when its the cabinet ministers themselves. To me, defense ministers are like donald rumsfeld and foreign ministers are like Madeline Albright - critical people who represent themselves and their countries to the world.

Monkey wants very much to have a person she can be proud of to represent her, her country and fellowman to the world. Especially when I have had no opportunity whatsoever to elect my desired representative since turning 21 and experiencing 2 elections.

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