Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 4 Dec 2007

  • please don't misunderstand that im not trying to replace power plants by regressing to human powered dynamos but it could be fun!
  • @evehow suggest the hand powered generator probably couldn't power my laptop but i could use it for other things like charging batteries?
  • Emailed Potenco to ask them if I could purchase the hand-powered generator. It will be good for lights out and field work!
  • Walked around the campus with my guest from HongKong and now sweaty & stink but refused to turn on the airconditioning. Foolish or hardcore?
  • Here's a hand-powered generator for my laptop so I can use it during lights out and get a workout!
  • meeting a PhD student from HKU who is researching on SEA civil society groups and urban environment sustainability to give him the sg story
  • i've been forgetting to turn off the electricity at the source because i'm always late and in hurry to go out. this really takes discipline!

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