Sunday, December 16, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 14 Dec 2007

  • i could write a whole essay on this but taking flights r harmful for environment, especially frequent flights to nearby places on budgetair
  • Feeling less guilty for flying to California on Monday because @evehow says that long distance flights less harmful than short dist flight
  • Pop quiz - which is the best way to travel to (for e.g.) Kuala lumpur - By flight? By Train? By car? By Bus? The ans could be by motorbike!
  • A most interesting conversation with @evehow. Cld it be possible that 30 lightweight motorbike has less emissions than 1 bus carrying 30pax?
  • i've stopped using air conditioning for about 2 months now. mainly fan or natural monsoon winds to cool the monkey down. how about you?
  • spending lights out today at holland village, planning an environmental education eco-camp for the shortlisted potential BYEE candidates.
  • what are you doing to combat climate change?
  • Now my sister thinks I'm a climate change skeptic only because I'm sick of emissions talks when more real action needed to be done! RAWR!
  • "Our blinkered focus on reducing carbon emissions has led us to look in the wrong place for answers to other challenges." - Lomborg


Matt said...

Indeed there are fewer long-distance flights than short-distance. However, on a direct comparison between a long distance and short distance flight, the long distance flight is far worse.

1. Fuel/exhaust pollution far greater
2. Plastics per person used about 3x greater

Monkey said...

sigh i knew it had to be too good to be true!

Monkey said...

actually matt you brought up a good point. this is precisely why i get so upset about climate change discourse.

we only thought about emissions but forgot about pollution, consumption and other issues.

Emissions talk is clouding our brains and our eyes

Matt said...


Great point! Climate change discussion is overshadowing many other critical topics. One which comes to my mind: over-fishing and the reduction of fishing stocks.

BTW: I pulled out a "State of the World" from 1994 to see what was being written about just 13 years ago. Great piece on the need to change the transportation area!