Monday, December 03, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 2 Dec 2007

  • spent lights out yesterday on pulau ubin, a land with no streetlights. what a wonder. sadly light pollution kept the horizon bright
  • despite being exhausted and my buses arriving, i walked home. this resolution of mine to not be a lazy urbanite takes lots of determination


just a feelings said...

pretty cool blog
hope to be friends
c u soon

Humanus said...

Once I saw some great thoughts about these green things.
The logic was... mm... well - Greens claim that people should tend to be in a full harmony with nature, right?
But the thing is that full harmony can only be possible when your dead corps is decomposing - cause at this time you give and get in an equal balance:)
And... more to say - people became people because of their endless fighting with nature, which was full of big beasts, hurricanes etc.
However I'm agree that we should protect the Health or planet it's ust useful for us. But not be the geeks:)
Last but not least - the Future of Humanity is in Space!