Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 10 Dec 2007

  • how far should we go minimizing plastic use? just rejecting plastic bags or even rejecting products with multitudes of plastic packaging?
  • refused useless plastic bags for just buying 2 lemons at the supermarket but got paper bag when buying clothes and vacuum packed bakwa
  • lights out was spend outside the house watching movie, running errands at the mall. save energy but wasted on consumerism?
  • running out of fun and interesting but practical things for a sick monkey to do during lights out. any ideas? Lights Out is 51 days old!
  • having a flu results in excessive use of tissue paper. lucky we buy 100% recycled material-made tissue paper. still, hanky unhygienic lah!

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Matt said...

Regarding plastics:

It's the discretionary plastics which we can limit or eliminate from our lives. Items like shopping bags, water bottles, etc.

The "structural" or built-in plastics pose a more difficult problem. These include telephones, computer cases, car parts, carpeting etc. Very pervasive and difficult to dislodge.

One of the discretionary plastics which I have worked at eliminating from my world; the hotel shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer bottles. I use the soap bar only and refuse to clutter the outside landfills with such decadent convenience products.