Monday, December 17, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 16 Dec 2007

  • I'm leaving Singapore in a few hours on a 20 hours flight. Will not be updating for while. See you all in USA!
  • Sharon Au was just on tv saying that she wants to be an environment ambassador. how nice.
  • went to return projector at ECO just now and found that they've kept the electricity use to minimal. kudos!
  • i refused sharks fin soup at the wedding dinner. still innocent sharks have died. got others to eat so it wldnt die to be flushed down drain
  • unfortunately family coming over to my house tonight so no lights out but it'll be worthwhile. we try to minimize lights if we can. hard tho
  • have been away from computer all day yesterday and spent lights out with family at my cousin's wedding is good way to celebrate lightsout


Matt said...

I imagine you are now quizzing flight attendants on the ecological impact of the 20 hour flight.

1)how many people much trash
3) what types of trash
4) any recycling
5) food waste

or perhaps you are just sleeping :)

Matt said...

Ah! Socal has consumed you! Where's our motivational Leaf Monkey posts?

you're probably out at Neimann Marcus buying brand name purses and such! ha ha!

Monkey said...

haha no i have not been consumed yet but im struggling upstream. it's hard.

and ive never heard of neimann marcus till about 2 days ago where I gave it a suitably monkey scoff. haha

i resisted shopping at san diego zoo gift shop too.

think the only purchase i've made so far is a copy of businessweek at taipei airport. mmm and food of course.

Matt said...

Jane Goodall never quit.

Monkey said...

haha quitting school just means I will focus more on my work on the ground. all that academic redtape just makes me more stressed. sigh

Matt said...

Ha! But it's such a short time and you'll carry it with you forever.

Life is full of bullshit redtape and people. Try not to let it get you down. Easier said than done :) I should know, I deal with it every day.


A. M said...

Take care of yourself and have a good vacation :)!