Sunday, December 02, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 30 Nov 2007

  • we walked from serene centre to 6th avenue along bukit timah road instead of taking the bus. it was very enjoyable. resisted taking cab too
  • spending lights out with @evievie drinking wheat tea and playing scrabble
  • after almost 2 weeks of lights out, i realize that im getting a hang of taking it easy, away from technology, relaxing, energy-use free!
  • the wind is so strong these days that theres no need for even a fan to ventilate the room! awesome :)


evo said...
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Valiant said...


keep up the pro-enviromentalism, i find it really inspiring that peopl all over the globe air trying to harmonize with nature

Peace =)

snowy said...

yes I agree were doing a project on pollution in science class this week I find it kinda surprising how far you take it though maybe your story will help others to see the harm their doing to the environment.

Monkey said...

Hi Snowy,

Why do you say how far I take it? do you think im being very extreme?

Actually after 2 weeks of doing lights out, it's actually feeling rather natural.

Each of our lifestyles is determined by ourselves but most of the time we get subsumed into our environment and most of the time this means a capitalist, business driven consumerism lifestyle. especially for urban folks like us, advertisement on tv, and a convenient approach to life, it's not the "norm". so if it's not the norm, what is "too far"?

nburden said...

Keep up the great work! You are setting a good example on how one person can make a difference!

Monkey said...

I do hope to show that actually EVERYBODY can make a difference.