Thursday, December 13, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 12 Dec 2007

  • met the guys from SunTechnic again at CNN filming. When they heard about lights out, they were happy to give tips on solar alternatives!
  • I do turn off the tap when I am brushing but instead of using a mug, i use running water to rinse. This is really bad. Must. Get. Mug.
  • Do you leave the water running when you are soaping your hair, body or when you are brushing your teeth? Turn it off and you save gallons!
  • i admit, when Richard Quest ask who leave the water running when brushing teeth, I was too embarrassed to raise my hand. I must get a mug
  • On 18 Dec, you will see the monkey ridiculed on CNN as lights out 365 is being described as me "sitting for 2 hours in the dark everyday"
  • spent lights out at the CNN Future Summit filming. Met the Skeptical Environmentalist, Bjorn Lomborg. Woot!
  • i've been excessively taking the taxi recently. this. must. stop!
  • what's the point of me doing lights-out when i then proceed to turn on the room lights from 9pm to 6am reading a book when I shld be asleep!
  • going for the CNN Future Summit tonight. The theme this round is the environment. Maybe you'll see the monkey on CNN soon

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