Friday, December 14, 2007

Daily Green Actions: 13 Dec 2007

  • Can we eliminate air travel altogether? What's worse? "flight sharing" or "single occupancy" lear jets? At what point do we draw the line?
  • I'll be contributing to carbon emissions by flying across the pacific ocean on Monday. But it's not just a holiday. I'm visiting my husband! guilty of taking a taxi to driving school 2 days in a row. sin upon sin. sigh. public transport home of course. must stop being lazy
  • moved my lounger to the balcony and spent lights out reading a book illuminated by the lights streaming in from the corridors. cooling too!
  • Will I be doing more good for the environment actually spending lights out doing my "NGO" work instead of cutting emissions? What u think?
  • Since ill, I drink a lot, pee a lot. Therefore I've been practicing selective flushing at home. Would you? Its been saving me gallons of H2O
  • First there was free rice, play online game to donate food, and now there's Feed Bag buy a bag and feed a child

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