Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This day in history

Well not quite today but then on 17 September 2005, I took a photo of Clifford Pier entitled "a piece of history in 2005". Not quite a year later, Clifford Pier is closed and almost gone. They are going to redeveloped it into some recreational area. I really hope they do a good job of it.

Photo by Monkey, 2005


Some flats in Boon Lay have been boarded up and ready to be knock down. My xiaoyi's house is also going to be torn down. It was even all over channel u. Those flats in Boon Lay? It's been in the family for a really long time. My dad's sister used to live there and I actually bunked there for a year! It's some sweet memories.

I've gotten so scared of seeing boarded up houses. When I was young, a whole neighborhood of flats were TNT-ed and now it's just a really big piece of open land. Why? Well keep it that way before they build another condominium here. Our flat was actually scheduled to be torn down but for some reason they kept us around, probably for the unique architecture. Thank the lord for that. Still, better go take photos soon.

Before everything is gone. It's so depressing.

Yes I'm so free blogging about clifford pier because ive FINALLY finished the NHB stuff. Going to mug like theres no tomorrow now. Ooo on another note, I figured out what I'm going to wear on Saturday already - something suitable for receiving prize, climbing heritage trees and taking exam. Wahahaha

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