Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Boon Lay on TV

Just as Channel U is tracking down the issue of tearing down the old flats at Boon Lay, they interviewed this old couple that moved from a kampong in Tuas.

It was then I felt really nostalgic and poignant because I recall that essentially most of the people living in Boon Lay all came from the old villages and kampongs around Jurong and Tuas. I did find out a bit about Jurong when I was supposed to embark on the Jurong Community Trail and this is bringing back all the memories.

The couple said that their flat in Boon Lay was the first flat that they had since moving out of Tuas Village. Now, getting to move would be the first time in probably 30 years and they were really exciting.

Personally I can understand how exciting it is to move out of that smelly dingy place (it is) since the upkeep is really bad. How is it then that Chinatownboy can stay in Chinatown all his life but here we are in Boon Lay, struggling to stay put without being shuffled around? Ok, he did move from various place but still in Chinatown. That's kinda hard in Boon Lay when we are being taken over by condominiums and shuffled to Jurong Industrial Area. I guess it's exciting for the old ones to move because unlike in Chinatown where they can see all the excitement and change downtown, life here can be rather stale.

Maybe they should just let us go back to farming. It would definitely be more exciting.

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