Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Global Food Miles

The WorstedWitch wrote:

Most of us know that buying local is one of the linchpins of sustainable living, not only because of the tremendous amounts of fossil fuel it takes to transport food vast distances, but also because of the pollution fuel combustion releases into the environment. So why import what we already have?

Gawd, if only I could write as well as her during my Sustainable Agriculture paper where I was struggling to defend the importance of reducing food miles.

So have you been buying local?

The worstedwitch asked about making her own soy milk at home and I was happy to remember that Erkie makes her own soy milk and tofu at home so I did a few search online and sent worstedwitch the links. Yes, my sister is a bigger more hardcore dedicated defender of the environmental lifestyle than me. lol.


At least I can say I never bought Silk Soy and have always gone for Organic Valley coz of the cute lil cows and the label that touts "Family of Farms - 752 farms strong!" If nothing more, that is a statement to me about its commitment to small farms. In itself, it testify to reduced importation, anti factory farming and supporting the local economy. Looking at the website, Organic Valley is a co-op and that again speaks well for itself but hey NTUC is a blardy co-op too. *faints* Nothing is perfect in this world. Of course all this talk of milk is in the US and I would only be able to do the same if I can find a diary farm in singapore that produces organic milk. HAH! One thing though, Organic Valley is cow milk while Silk Soy is well soy milk. I think I still prefer Soya Bean Milk (which is different because I think Soya Bean milk is sweeter)

Lishuang told me the other day that essentially they put so much hormones in the cows that the milk produces pus and beyond a certain high level, they would reject the milk but then if the limit is 50 and the milk has 49, it is still released to the market and we are drinking pus. Argh. Hadn't anyone heard of bioaccumulation?

Aside: More book reads from Organic Valley eStore. I'm collecting a list of reads to consider for buying with my $300 book voucher. Worsted Witch also has a list of recommended reads.

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