Saturday, April 29, 2006

McGovern kena governed

Recently I've been quoting this one guy from the TWN article about food security alot. I even used it in my exam. Savage said it's a good quote and I agree.

"Food security in private hands is no security at all!"
- Senator McGovern of the US Senate [TWN]

Today while I was reading Wonkette, I saw this shocking photo and caption.

Jim McGovern (D-MA)* becomes the first congressman arrested this year for reasons other than corruption. (AP)

ARGH! so I have been quoting a crime-doer?

Well apparently not! 4 US congressmen were protesting outside the Sudanese embassy in the US for them to stop the genocide in Sudan. They were prepared to be arrested by the Secret Service and one of them even sent out a press release beforehand saying they will be arrested! Besides, they were booked at the police station then released with $50 fines. O_O" Don't even need to call people to bail them out! I guess this is the good part about being lawmakers instead of lawbreakers.

OK, this only just totally increased my admiration for this man. Not only does he stand strong against food corporatization but he also goes about in protests just like college kids. I mean this is really amazing because they put themselves out there to make a statement without care of being arrested or tarnishing their reputation. Instead they are using their standing to make a bigger and louder statement.

On top of that, got to really thank Wonkette for bringing the genocide in Sudan to this ulu monkey's attention since the elections started, all war crime and life has apparently stopped in this world.

Besides, even if it didn't, I doubt CNA will ever report about these things. *sigh*

* (D-MA) = Democrat-Massachusset

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