Sunday, April 09, 2006

Recycling Saga Part Deux

The following was lifted off my comments to Otterman who actually still reads my blog and blogged about my recycling saga. I did not blog about the followup with NEA and Colex because I actually started a new lil "green" journal in a red notebook (lol) to record my feedbacking and projects. :)

Otterman wrote:

Interesting thought, and worth writing in about - would suffice.

One hopes the residents are more adaptable than that though. Still with Recycling Monkey on their case, the new contractor will find themselves accountable to residents as well as the NEA.

Monkey replies:

yah cept that i am afriad they (nea and the new contractor) will be put off by me.

there is actually a part 2 to the saga. NEA who got the case from the call centre called me back and the contractor got the heat from NEA and also called me back.

conclusion is...
1) they are new and need time to settle down which i told them is fine by me
2) i feedbacked that they should try some other ways to inform people of changes other than just putting the date on the plastic bag but the impression i get is not very possible
3) While NEA officer who called back assured me that they most probably will continue with the same schedule but Colex guy said not possible at all. Sigh.

i just think that there is not enough communications between the contractor and the residents other than a plastic bag

the person in charge at the contractors also got an admission from the workers that this week, when they collected from my estate, they did not leave a plastic bag as they should have.

i'm monitoring this over the next month but i hope no more need for phone trails... expensive for my handphone bill!!!

Besides I don't want them to get put off by me, instead I hope to have a good and close relationship with them in the future. Haha don't want to be marked as the annoying unit. they might not come collect my recyclables next time!

i sincerely hope that it would work out for the best and yeah maybe im thinking worst case scenario about residents being unadaptable. :)

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