Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Daily Green Actions: CNY Special

Was asked to speak on a mandarin radio interview tomorrow on what "green" things people can do for Chinese New Year during spring cleaning, shopping or visiting. It's a recorded phone interview but nonetheless I went about asking a few friends for their input as well as threw in a few of mine.

If you have more ideas, feel free to leave a comment. Remember, creativity is boundless!

  • buying new clothes? don't throw out the old clothes - donate them or make them into new clothes! check out the Little Brown Dress Project for creative inspiration
  • wenhua suggests: spring cleaning? remember to sort your waste and recycle!
  • instead of buying tons of packet drinks for house guests during CNY, how about brewing jugs of homemade drinks for them? cut down wastes
  • oh yes @evehow reminds: do not eat / buy facai moss (Nostoc flagelliforme). It's overharvested and banned
  • suggestion from @evehow: don't buy more than needed, don't buy too much food that end up throw away and check if your seafood is sustainable
  • suggestion from koksheng: no eat sharks fin and carpool with relatives when going visiting!
  • recycle your angpow packets! use it as an envelope, birthday angpow, rough paper or make a lantern!
  • bake your own cookies to reduce on packaging waste. otherwise reuse the cookies/love letter containers for food storage! we put bakua in 'em
  • what green things can people do for chinese new year? use biodegradable or reusable instead of disposable plates/cutlery during parties

More daily green actions from 15 January 2007 in the full article.
  • ever since I started daily green actions, people have been asking me for green tips. Dont they know I'm struggling along just like everyone?
  • tomorrow im getting a radio interview about "green things" people can do for Chinese New Year. Any suggestions? Help!
  • wrote up some responses for an email interview regarding minimization of plastic bags - look out for me in My Paper on Monday 21 Jan
  • I've decided not to turn on my office light as well since I sit beside the window! Lights out doesn't just apply to 7-9pm!
  • Went to find a lecturer in her office and found that she didn't turn on the lights and allow sunlight to illuminate her office! inspiring :)
  • we should be looking at whole ecosystems and not just single endangered species. they are just indicators screaming "engine overheated!"
  • species conservation alone is short-sighted and narrow minded. nonetheless, we SHOULD be responsible for our impacts. it will backlash later
  • feeling "green" and having apple-starfruit juice for breakfast but then it got me thinking where the fruits are from. occupational hazards
  • i really enjoy walking to the MRT in the morning where you can feel the morning mist and dewdrops on grass. then the car exhausts kills me.

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greetings from sao paulo, brazil!

make a chinese new year resolution to spend 20% less time in the shower