Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Daily Green Actions: 28 Jan 2008

We ate, we met, we discussed!

  • Lights Out will be spent at a Naked Hermit Crab meeting. Hopefully we won't be all crabby wondering if anybody will turn up
  • Find out your own personal Happy Planet Index and other indicators like ecofootprint, carbon footprint at http://www.itint.co.uk/hpisurvey
  • My carbon footprint is even lower mainly I suspect because I don't drive. My carbon footprint is 2.16 global hectares, or 1.2 planets.
  • The survey also says my ecological footprint is 4.64 global hectares, or 2.58 planets but this is apparently below Singapore's average! EEK!
  • I just calculated my personal Happy Planet Index. I scored super low at 27.8. Singapore average is 40.8. Think I'm just grumpy today :P


Matt said...

DO the attendees actually show up naked to the Hermit Crab meeting? If so count me in!! Ha Ha!

Monkey said...

well we're clothed in the picture in the post right? :P

Naked refers to the fact that we do not care what affiliations and what shells we wear normally but at the end of the day we're all naked beneath, our naked love for the shore.