Friday, January 25, 2008

Daily Green Actions: 24 Jan 2008

As mentioned in my Daily Green Actions...

Organic beer from UK at the Colbar off Portsdown Road near NUS. The colonial remnant used to serve the British officers living in the area and the legacy continues in the beer served there. However, my personal devil's advocate and in-house Homer Simpson challenged me, asking:
"Aren't all beer are organic anyways?"
Well the smart aleck was playing with the fact that beers are generally "organic" as long as it is not made of artificial chemical. However, at the same time, "environmentally", it is definitely difficult to determine if this beer is 100% organic. The resident capitalist also challenged if we can actually tell if this is more than mere marketing as it would probably sell more beers, appealing to the health and environmentally conscientious.

Yes, being organic could possibly mean superficially meeting criteria for the "organic" certification process. Or it could really ensure that every bit of its ingredients were produced organically without chemical input in its growth at all. Somehow, I have my doubts.

So did I really contribute my consumer dollars righteously by merely going for the first brand I see with an "organic" label slapped on it? Or am I just a sucker that the marketing executives were hoping to target and perhaps I am actually no better than people who doesn't even care how their food is produced?

This much I can tell you, the beer tasted good.


Matt said...

What is your "lights out" strategy? For a 500% savings I need to know so I can do it too!

Anonymous said...

Do You Wonder?