Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Daily Green Actions: 22 Jan 2008

  • I used to be the only one in my office so it made sense to stay away. Now it's a communal space with more efficient use of electricity
  • theres no lightsout today, or rather i felt like i've spent it in a public space. If I not been in the office, others would likewise be here
  • it should be lights out right now but my office is full of people sharing the same amount of electricity so im reluctant to leave... how?
  • i was a bad monkey - took a cab to school! apparently the new price hike is not enough to deter me. much less others.
  • was hardworking and spent the night writing collaboration proposal to NEA and organizing seashore blogging for kids on friday
  • lights out spend learning to drive again and then reading, walking, spending time with family. nothing exciting or new

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