Saturday, January 12, 2008

Daily Green Actions: 17-30 Dec 2007

I'm Back!

Apologies for my lack of posting while I was away. In fact, I have faithfully, as much as possible, continued with my Daily Green Actions on Twitter. I've simply not had time to compile them every day on the blog. Unfortunately I was not able to do lights out while living in others' home.

Nonetheless I have put all my Daily Green Actions from the last 26 days into one post. More after the break in the full post.

  • It is becoming harder and harder to document any green actions. I put my reusable shopping bag to use yest and walked outdoors at lights out
  • interesting that disneyland has more stalls selling fruits and have recycling bins with every wastebin. still the amt of litter is amazing
  • spent the whole day yesterday in disneyland. is it not permissible to enjoy the xmas lights even though i think its wasting energy?
  • im beginning to think its impossible to have any green actions here in SD, living in others' home on holiday
  • My friend working as a LA County Planner reminded me of plans to dim the skies of LA for the wildlife. If only Urban Singapore would do that
  • lightsout in the full moon here would be much better as the moon lights up the sky! Somehow I think N Am is better, not as lighted as S'pore
  • Experiencing full moon in the temperate latitudes never cease to amaze and awe. The moon is so big and bright. Moon in the equator is tiny!
  • yesterday went to the chula vista nature center which is a marshland area of the tijuana estuary. animals in tanks were not v nice though
  • merry christmas! sad to say I've not really been able to engage in "green actions" other than the usual rejection of plastic bags
  • despite the freezing cold, i still turn off the shower while soaping my hair even though it would be warmer for me to stand in the hot water
  • Went to the Griffith Observatory and coincided our visit with the Winter Solstice Celebrations. Saw the sunset on the hills. Happy Winter!
  • Being in downtown LA gives me mixed feelings. On the one hand it's the only non-sprawl but it makes the sprawl so obvious by standing out
  • was in Los Angeles today. Spent lights out at dinner, playing with puppies and taking the Greyhound back to San Diego
  • when living in other people's home, its harder to implement lifestyle choices against the host's wishes but at least recycling is convenient
  • happily used my shopping bag instead of plastic bags while shopping for groceries but mama drove from shop to shop around a strip mall argh!
  • went to a taco shop today and they only serve in styrofoam boxes and cups and it almost gave me a cardiac arrest. such misery
  • lights out has been permanently put on hold while on holiday. It gets dark here at 5pm! Yesterday spent lights out at dinner. Today? dinner
  • its very difficult to be green in another country, on holiday, dealing with another set of culture, practices and excuses. painful :(
  • As the plane approached Los Angeles yesterday, I felt depressed as I looked at the lights and traffic. Not a place I want to live in.
  • first morning in san diego. suburbia life makes me very angsty constantly. all that lightbulb for xmas decor and driving to get around. RAWR

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